Deavesons Jewellers

After a nightmare with a so-called “marketing expert,” Deavesons were left with a subpar website, no online sales, and a hefty bill for the privilege. We assisted in re-establishing Deavesons on the digital map while also re-establishing faith in marketing through measurable ROI. 


WordPress, Woocommerce


Web Design, Digital Marketing & Advertising


2021 – Present

About Deavesons

Deavesons was founded with one goal in mind: providing a unique, high-quality and reliable service both in store and online. Their passion for excellence has been their driving force from the very beginning, and continues to be at the forefront of everything they do. They are a true family run business with Keith their Goldsmith, his wife Leissa and daughter Kirstie in their shop in Cambridgeshire, assisted by their very knowledgeable team.

The Brief

To generate high-end restoration sales through lead generation campaigns, and to recreate a complete and engaging online experience for e-commerce sales.


With a brand-new online platform built from the ground up and a series of new lead generation campaigns, we were able to achieve online sales almost immediately, while allowing Deavesons to grow revenues through the new flow of inquiries for their bespoke repairs and restorations services. We sealed a win, win, win with a 200% increase in Google 5-star reviews.

The result

Quite simply, Ben has restored our faith in marketing. After being ‘burned’ in the past by self-proclaimed ‘marketing experts’, we’d been left with a bad, non-functioning website, and nowhere (and no-one) to turn to… and then we found Ben! Deaveson’s now has an additional income stream through the website, in addition to active marketing campaigns via social media. This ensures we maintain a steady income off of new bespoke and restoration jewellery enquiries, both of which are extremely valuable to the business. 

Keith Hewitt, Director

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