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Foresight Sports Europe is the exclusive distributor and support centre for the golf industry’s leading trade and consumer technologies across the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. 


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2015 – Present

Foresight Sports Europe


At Propelio, we designed and built the digital lead generation experience that redefined Foresight Sports Europe’s sales process and grew their dominance of the golf technology market. 

The Brief

With the growth of the golf technology industry being as competitive as ever, and the pandemic forcing golfers indoors, Foresight Sports Europe tasked us with developing cutting-edge lead generation campaigns to continue dominating the market and growing the business by over 200% while also managing all internal marketing staff. 


A host of new campaigns with fresh content, new systems, and a constant flow of inquiries for the sales team to convert into sales, allowing the company to reach new revenue heights while providing thousands of golfers with industry-leading technology for a better golfing experience.

The result

We first met Ben a few years before we were able to work together. From that first meeting we understood that he was someone who truly “got” marketing. Not only could he explain every detail of the methods he applied, but he came at it from the perspective of a business owner. As such, when we were finally able to work together, we jumped at the chance.

Within weeks Ben transformed our traditional marketing approach. He retained the best elements of our existing work and instigated an inbound lead generation programme. As a result, within a matter of weeks we saw the number of inbound sales enquiries increase significantly.

With Ben’s detailed analysis of every key data point, we were quickly able to establish our ROI and, as a result, confidently increase our investment into our advertising budgets. We now receive over five times as many enquiries as ever before, fundamentally transforming the way we do business.

Ben brings an almost total knowledge of marketing, data analysis, website management, financial analysis, and cutting-edge techniques to his role. We cannot recommend him highly enough to any business looking to grow their online presence, engagement, and inbound enquiries.  

Edward Doling, Director
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